External Asset Manager Desk

ADSS Group has established an External Asset Manager (EAM) Desk as part of its Wealth Management Team. The Desk offers EAMs a flexible and independent ‘no conflict of interest’ approach which is unique within the UAE.

The team’s model is based on five fundamentals:

Expertise – Trust – Confidentiality – Transparency – Security

The Desk provides investment ideas to EAMs based on an understanding of their constraints, views and client base. It gives regular proactive updates and information, across all the main sectors and investment classes. The EAMs do not have a discretionary mandate with ADSS Group, the EAM Desk will only suggest, advise and help them structure their investments.

Different agreements are available depending on the requirements of the EAM and include commission rebates, contractual obligations and if required, delegation or certain activities. For EAMs that operate with the relevant license, Omnibus accounts are also available.

All EAMs must have the relevant experience and qualifications as well as internal systems and controls relating to AML.

EAM Desk Model

EAM Desk