About Wealth Management

ADSS Group Wealth Management is a low visibility, exclusive investment service. It provides wealth generating and maintenance solutions for ultra-high net worth individuals across the Middle East. Regional wealth is estimated at US$4.5 trillion, mostly driven by family businesses which are growing faster than in any other market. These investors need a specialist, regional based wealth management option. ADSS Group Wealth Management fills this gap, expanding the range of financial services available from the United Arab Emirates.

The Wealth Management team capitalises on ADSS Group's trading capabilities and the relationships it has with some of the most respected global financial institutions. By understanding the dynamics and history of first generation businesses, which are managing investments for siblings and family members, the correct and appropriate investment options can be provided.

The independent advice and investment guidance valued by family businesses is also provided to individual investors looking for high quality, discreet and exclusive opportunities.

Key Values

About Wealth Management

Abu Dhabi

Gradually becoming the offshore wealth centre of choice. Robust banking secrecy; a highly pragmatic financial regulator (Central Bank of the UAE); AA+ rated by S&P and Fitch.

Open Architecture

We are process focused not product focused. Our technology platform enables:

  • Fast turnaround and customisation to the client’s risk profile
  • Selection of the best risk-adjusted options from a universal product suite
  • Incentives aligned with those of our client

Unique Approach

  • Client Centric – focused on creating value for clients / comprehensive customised advice
  • Integrated wealth management platform: collaboration between Wealth Management / Asset Management / Global Markets
  • Needs-based solutions around asset allocation and ALM
  • Speed/agility of Responsiveness to Client
  • Confidentiality – ultra high levels of privacy and secrecy