The Financing team primarily focuses on the origination, structuring and placing of primary capital raising transactions, advising clients on all aspects of public and private debt and equity capital markets situations. Solutions can be of conventional or of Sharia compliant, offering genuine independent advice to clients.

ADSS’s Financing & Restructuring practice benefits from the wide ranging experience of banking professionals who have served in the regional industry for many years. We strive to reach consensual deals that are in the best interests of our clients and we have an established history of coordinating and closing transactions in situations with divisive intercreditor and shareholder issues.

  • ADSS originates, structures and places capital raising transactions for corporations, institutions and governments and provides impartial advice on their most critical financing decisions, including large public offerings of equity and debt securities.
  • Engagements include acquisition financing, rights offerings, private placements and alternative financing measures.
  • ADSS brings extensive experience negotiating and structuring tailored solutions for our clients on an unbiased basis with no conflicts from other business activities or product offerings to influence our advice.
  • The team also assists corporate, HNWI and Sovereign Wealth Fund clients in monetizing existing positions via anchor investor processes or quick-to-market bookbuilding transactions.
Core areas of expertise include:

Equity Capital Markets
  1. Pre-IPO Funding
    • Assist clients in placing shares with investors to maximize value and provide pre-issuance valuations
  2. IPOs
    • IPO readiness assessment, international listing evaluation, and IPO preparation and documentation
    • Assist businesses in fast growing markets to transform from private entity to public enterprise, effectively creating liquidity for shareholders and raising additional capital
  3. Convertible Bonds & Equity-Linked Securities
    • Assist sovereigns, quasi sovereign, and private sector corporates in raising capital via exotic financing solutions including convertible securities
    • Depending on issuer’s strategic goals, convertible bonds can be structured and executed by our team to raise capital for projects as well as add value and flexibility in meeting ownership objectives
Debt Capital Markets
  1. Loans, Bonds, and Sukuks
    • Structure and execute wide-ranging financing solutions and advise clients on all aspects of public and private debt and capital raising transactions
    • Assist corporates in raising capital via straight vanilla and exotic financing solutions from international and local funders
    • Advise on choice of underwriters/lead managers as well as assist in dealing with local and international funders, and with Ratings Agencies where applicable
  2. Project, Structured and Asset Finance
    • Assist clients in raising specialized finance through bilateral or syndicated arrangements and provide customised solutions via creative debt structuring and selection of lead managers
    • Provide access to diversified service offerings across various financial instruments to finance assets, projects, acquisitions and other purposes
    • Offer bespoke, tailor-made solutions and achieve both recourse and non-recourse financing
    • Raise off-balance sheet debt through innovative products and structured solutions
  3. Mezzanine and Bridge Finance
    • Accessing diverse sources of bridge financing to meet business imperatives
    • Expand our client’s access to capital by measuring their mezzanine debt capacity
    • Through our wide-network, assist clients in accessing mezzanine loans directly from mezzanine lenders, effectively helping our clients with their desired debt structure